Hometown Holiday Heartstrings series

Book 4: The Loophole in Lilies is available on Amazon in both paperback and e-book. Buy now!
Let her stubborn but oh-so-dreamy neighbor remain single? Not on her watch. If only he weren’t her perfect match.

Kendra Keller prides herself in her matchmaking prowess until she tries to set up Dusty Williams. He has a knack for derailing her plans while making her weak in the knees. She knows when she’s not wanted, though, and has no desire for a repeat heartbreak.

Dusty has been dodging Kendra for months. She talks too much. Plus, all she wants is to play matchmaker, and he’s not interested. He has a more pressing problem, and he doesn’t want to talk about it. But when Kendra moves in across the way, there’s no more avoiding.

As Dusty discovers she’s not so bad—maybe even meant to be—can he admit his attraction when he’s at his lowest? He may be the only one who can make Kendra believe she has more to offer a man than mere matchmaking.

Book 3: The Miracle of Mistletoe is available on Amazon in both paperback and e-book. Buy now!
One kiss, two wounded hearts, and the Christmas that rekindled their vows.

Marcy Delaney might not think she’s the sharpest set of shears in the salon, but she makes up for it with her people skills. As her town’s chatty hairstylist, she doesn’t consider anyone a stranger—except her university-educated husband who’s rarely home. Her conclusion? He’s bored with her lack of wit, and she can’t blame him.

Colt Delaney has never fit in. Not in the big city where he grew up. And certainly not in the tiny town his wife won’t leave. Now he’s stuck there, too, unless he’s traveling for work. And when he is home, Marcy doesn’t seem to want anything to do with him. It’s no surprise, though. Rejection has been his closest friend since childhood.

This Christmas the secrets they hold may break the final thread of their marriage and the faith they once held dear—until one simple kiss beneath the mistletoe reminds them of all the reasons they fell in love in the first place.

Content warning: contains flashback scenes of child abuse and emotional trauma.
Book 2: The Fault in Firelight is available on Amazon in both paperback and e-book. Buy now!
He knows the pain of betrayal. She has a past that could ruin her future. What can heal their brokenness?

Tony Coniglio loves being single again and the freedom that comes with it. But when he’s pressured to ask out the next available woman, he agrees, just to get his family off his back—even though she’s the town’s all-too-serious cop.

Officer Stacy Kallisto is by the book. Maybe it’s because she once broke the rules and has regretted it ever since. When trouble around town leaves Stacy searching for the culprit, she keeps running into Tony, the one man who wants to know more about her than she wants to share.

As sparks fly and secrets are revealed, Stacy wonders if there’s room in her heart for a man so different from herself—and for the God she wrote off long ago.
Book 1: The Trouble with Tulips is available on Amazon in both paperback and e-book. Buy now!

Kim is stagnating in her hometown, like a dying flower. When her mother asks her to create a flower garden to enter into a local competition, Kim decides it’ll be her last big hurrah before skipping town for a new start. But with her wilted gardening skills, she can’t pull it off alone, especially since her mom wants tulips. The only person who might be able to help is her brother’s best friend. Trouble is, she’s liked him for years despite his prickly personality, and he never noticed.

Jake has met with a lot of loss in life. The only thing he can keep alive is a plant. Besides his friend Dusty, Jake has no use for anyone, including God. So when Dusty’s sister asks him for help, he turns her down flat—until he realizes he needs her help, too. Trading tulips and time for business advice, Jake finds there’s more to Kim than he’s ever noticed before. Too bad the only way to keep her safe is to keep her out of his heart.

When things get weedy, Kim must decide whether to dig in her roots or move on. Can Jake trust that God is enough to bridge the distance between the pain in the past and the promise of the future?

Family Fruits of Faith series

Book 1: A New Shade of Paint is available on Amazon in both paperback and e-book. Buy now!

Daddy issues? She’s got lots. 

So it’s unfortunate when Shannon Conrad is forced to move in with the father she hates. It doesn’t help that the boy next door is up to no good. Not only does Shannon have to deal with constant anger toward a dad who never stops hurting her, now she has to figure out what to do with attention she doesn’t want—or does she?

Her new friend Jesse thinks Jesus is the answer to all her problems. She thinks he’s nuts. Then Shannon stumbles upon a long-held secret that rocks her core identity, and she has to decide for herself what defines her. Is she a mistake—or a miracle? Her decision will determine her future, and just when she’s ready to forgive her dad, disaster happens, and she might have lost her chance forever.

Is it too late to tell her dad, “I love you”? Does it even matter?

Book 2: The Art of Messing Up is available on Amazon in e-book format. Buy now!

When Kurt becomes summer manager at J. Blake Acres, he can’t stop himself from hiring Shannon. In spite of being crazy about her, he struggles to make good management decisions and nearly gets her killed as a result. Shannon is forgiving, especially when she makes Kurt her confidant about her mom’s secretive past.

After a summer getaway gone wrong proves how much Kurt has changed, Shannon decides to give him a chance. Neither is expecting him to mess it up. But when he does, Shannon goes to college with a broken heart, determined to forget Kurt as she digs deeper into her mom’s complicated history. Nursing his own self-inflicted wounds, Kurt sets out to make amends for never-ending past mistakes.

Can Shannon entrust her mom’s eternal future with God? Will she let God heal her heart? And is Kurt’s new faith deep enough to believe he’s forgiven in spite of the messes he’s made?