Who’s Emily?

Emily Dana Botrous is an east-coast transplant who now calls San Diego home. She is a wife and mom of four. When she’s not busy doing laundry, packing lunches, and picking toys off the floor, she enjoys reading, cooking, music, long walks, and writing. Always writing. It is her goal in all things to make Jesus first, last, and always.


New Release:

The Miracle of Mistletoe ~ now available!

One kiss, two wounded hearts, and the Christmas that rekindled their vows.

Book Blurb

Marcy Delaney might not think she’s the sharpest set of shears in the salon, but she makes up for it with her people skills. As her town’s chatty hairstylist, she doesn’t consider anyone a stranger—except her university-educated husband who’s rarely home. Her conclusion? He’s bored with her lack of wit, and she can’t blame him.

Colt Delaney has never fit in. Not in the big city where he grew up. And certainly not in the tiny town his wife won’t leave. Now he’s stuck there, too, unless he’s traveling for work. And when he is home, Marcy doesn’t seem to want anything to do with him. It’s no surprise, though. Rejection has been his closest friend since childhood.

This Christmas the secrets they hold may break the final thread of their marriage and the faith they once held dear—until one simple kiss beneath the mistletoe reminds them of all the reasons they fell in love in the first place.

Content warning: contains flashback scenes of child abuse and emotional trauma.

Each story in the Hometown Holiday Heartstrings series can be enjoyed as a standalone, although characters are introduced in earlier books and may reappear in subsequent novels.

Target Audience

I only write inspirational fiction with the goal of pointing my readers to Christ. If you enjoy sweet, clean romance with real-life issues, then this book is for you. 

Purchase Options

The Miracle of Mistletoe is available on Amazon on KU or in e-book or paperback. Buy now!