Who’s Emily?

Emily Dana Botrous is an east-coast transplant who now calls San Diego home. She is a wife and mom of four. When she’s not busy doing laundry, packing lunches, and picking toys off the floor, she enjoys reading, cooking, music, long walks, and writing. Always writing. It is her goal in all things to make Jesus first, last, and always.


New Release:

The Loophole in Lilies ~ now available!

Let her stubborn but oh-so-dreamy neighbor remain single? Not on her watch. If only he weren’t her perfect match.

Book Blurb

Kendra Keller prides herself in her matchmaking prowess until she tries to set up Dusty Williams. He has a knack for derailing her plans while making her weak in the knees. She knows when she’s not wanted, though, and has no desire for a repeat heartbreak.

Dusty has been dodging Kendra for months. She talks too much. Plus, all she wants is to play matchmaker, and he’s not interested. He has a more pressing problem, and he doesn’t want to talk about it. But when Kendra moves in across the way, there’s no more avoiding.

As Dusty discovers she’s not so bad—maybe even meant to be—can he admit his attraction when he’s at his lowest? He may be the only one who can make Kendra believe she has more to offer a man than mere matchmaking.

Each story in the Hometown Holiday Heartstrings series can be enjoyed as a standalone, although characters are introduced in earlier books and may reappear in subsequent novels.

Target Audience

I only write inspirational fiction with the goal of pointing my readers to Christ. If you enjoy sweet, clean romance with real-life issues, then this book is for you. 

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The Loophole in Lilies is available on Amazon on KU or in e-book or paperback. Buy now!