Hometown Holiday Heartstrings

Romance with sweet sizzle, characters who grow together and with God, emotions that reach to the deepest depths, and the town where it all happens. Join the residents of Claywood, Virginia in their search for love, hope, faith, and healing.

The Trouble with Tulips (Book 1)

He’s her brother’s grumpy best friend. She’s the one he’s never noticed…until one request changes everything.

Kim Williams needs a new start with a fresh horizon. She also needs a green thumb to help make her mom’s entry into the local yard garden competition a reality. Too bad the only landscaper in her small town is her brother’s prickly best friend—the one who has no idea she’s liked him for twelve long years.

The only thing Jake Dunn can keep alive is a plant. Besides his friend Dusty, he has no use for anyone, including God. He just wants to be left alone. When Dusty’s sister asks him for help, he turns her down flat—until he sees he needs her marketing expertise. Tulips for business tips. Fair trade, right?

Wrong. Jake can give Kim a garden. But she wants more. When Jake realizes he wants to give Kim his all, too, he’s not sure how to contend with the wall he’s cultivated around his heart from losses of the past. If keeping people out isn’t the only way to keep them safe…what is?

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The Fault in Firelight (Book 2)

He knows the pain of betrayal. She has a past that could ruin her future. What can heal their brokenness?

Tony Coniglio loves being single again and the freedom that comes with it. But when he’s pressured to ask out the next available woman, he agrees, just to get his family off his back—even though she’s the town’s all-too-serious cop.

Officer Stacy Kallisto is by the book. Maybe it’s because she once broke the rules and has regretted it ever since. When trouble around town leaves Stacy searching for the culprit, she keeps running into Tony, the one man who wants to know more about her than she wants to share.
As sparks fly and secrets are revealed, Stacy wonders if there’s room in her heart for a man so different from herself—and for the God she wrote off long ago.

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The Miracle of Mistletoe (Book 3)

One kiss, two wounded hearts, and the Christmas that rekindled their vows.

Marcy Delaney might not think she’s the sharpest set of shears in the salon, but she makes up for it with her people skills. As her town’s chatty hairstylist, she doesn’t consider anyone a stranger—except her university-educated husband who’s rarely home. Her conclusion? He’s bored with her lack of wit, and she can’t blame him.

Colt Delaney has never fit in. Not in the big city where he grew up. And certainly not in the tiny town his wife won’t leave. Now he’s stuck there, too, unless he’s traveling for work. And when he is home, Marcy doesn’t seem to want anything to do with him. It’s no surprise, though. Rejection has been his closest friend since childhood.

This Christmas the secrets they hold may break the final thread of their marriage and the faith they once held dear—until one simple kiss beneath the mistletoe reminds them of all the reasons they fell in love in the first place.

Content warning: contains flashback scenes of child abuse and emotional trauma.

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The Loophole in Lilies (Book 4)

Let her stubborn but oh-so-dreamy neighbor remain single? Not on her watch. If only he weren’t her perfect match.

Kendra Keller prides herself in her matchmaking prowess until she tries to set up Dusty Williams. He has a knack for derailing her plans while making her weak in the knees. She knows when she’s not wanted, though, and has no desire for a repeat heartbreak.

Dusty has been dodging Kendra for months. She talks too much. Plus, all she wants is to play matchmaker, and he’s not interested. He has a more pressing problem, and he doesn’t want to talk about it. But when Kendra moves in across the way, there’s no more avoiding.

As Dusty discovers she’s not so bad—maybe even meant to be—can he admit his attraction when he’s at his lowest? He may be the only one who can make Kendra believe she has more to offer a man than mere matchmaking.

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The Promise of Picnics (Book 5)

An ex-con youth pastor. A single mom who won’t step foot in church. A match made in heaven? They don’t think so.

A pastor? Not for Lisa Appleton. She’s not exactly on speaking terms with the Almighty, nor is she remotely interested in giving love another chance. So she’s a little ticked when her matchmaking friend tries to set her up with the new youth pastor in town. But when an emergency leaves her and her three daughters temporarily homeless, Pastor Ric warmly opens his doors.

Ricardo de Leon paid for the mistakes of his past—for seven years without freedom. A changed man, he never dreamed transitioning to a small town—and new culture—would be this hard. Since he has dedicated himself in service to God and God alone, he doesn’t think twice before lending a helping hand to Lisa, who makes her distrust of him clear.

What neither of them counted on? Falling in love.

The Promise of Picnics is the final book in the Hometown Holiday Heartstrings series. Each book can be read as a standalone, but when reading out of order, there may be minor spoilers.

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A Second Chance for Sugarplums (Prequel Novella)

She can’t decide which is less deserving of a second chance—Christmas or her ex-boyfriend?

It’s been seven years since Alexandria Long bid farewell to her high school boyfriend, Zander. When she moves back to her small hometown in time for Christmas, she’s not happy he’s the first person she sees. She’s determined to keep her distance while her heart heals from fresh hurts and plentiful mistakes—until she ends up caring for Zander’s meddling mother and decking her halls for Christmas.

Zander Billings is facing possibly the most important game in his assistant coaching career. Not to mention the art show he’s not prepared for. But he’s always regretted letting Allie go. Running into her now could make this Christmas the best one since sugarplums were concocted.

But Zander will have to do more than convince Allie sugarplums are edible. He has to do everything in his power to convince Allie it isn’t too late for a second chance – with him, and with God.

This novella is the prequel for the Hometown Holiday Heartstrings series, but all books can be read as a standalone.

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