Scripted Love

The Scripted Love series is a Christian romance series set along the shores of Lake Michigan. Join the Halverson siblings as they grow their faith and find love through the written word.

With Love, Melody (Book 1)

Two best friends and the chance to choose love over fear.

One kiss. That’s all it took to land TJ Halverson firmly in the friend zone. But he’s tired of letting fear of a repeated rejection hold him back from Melody. So tired he’s willing to stoop to a desperate level—one that might put their whole friendship on the line.

Melody Reed is a perpetual disappointment. Ask her mother. Or the cast in the disastrous play she’s directing. Her best friend TJ just can’t see it because she’s never let him—a fact she doesn’t plan on changing. It’s a relief when she finds herself spilling her secret fears and failures to a new online love interest, instead.

When TJ’s feelings are forced out in the open, he’s terrified of losing Melody completely. With her best friend’s heart in her hands, Melody is faced with an impossible decision. Stay where it’s safe and let TJ go for good—or risk her entire identity for a chance at something better.

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Forever Yours, Lucy (Book 2)

A man who doesn’t trust women, the frustratingly wonderful woman who works for him, and the words that change everything.

Silas McIntyre is a successful entrepreneur who lacks for nothing—except a woman in his life. That’s because he has a bone to pick with womankind. So, it’s especially galling for him to realize how dependent he has become on his all-too-female personal assistant.

If Lucy Halverson can ever figure out how to make a good choice instead of a foolish one, she’ll be happy. Starting over sounds good. Leaving her grumpy boss, all the better. Not even a secret admirer with a penchant for writing swoon-worthy words can change her mind, whoever he is.

When Lucy announces her intent to leave Silas’s employment, he’ll do just about anything to keep her—even make her fall for him. But when he’s the one to fall instead, his battered heart is on the line.

As Lucy learns there is more to Silas than she ever dreamed, she has to make a decision. Will it be her best one yet—or another disaster to add to her list?

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With All My Heart, Joy (Book 3)

A lonely single dad. A young influencer in need of counsel. Is their age difference a divide too big to bridge this Christmas?
Joy Halverson isn’t living up to her name. Being a killjoy to those around her—and hiding reality from her online fans—only makes her depression worse. With the holidays coming, it’s time to do something about it. But there’s one thing she didn’t expect—to be attracted to her counselor. Her much older counselor.
Isaac Miller’s only priority in life is providing a stable environment for his disabled daughter. He has no time for flakey women who can’t commit to Paisley. When the young counseling client he can’t stop thinking about steps in to skillfully care for his daughter in a pinch, he is caught by surprise.
As a client, Joy is off-limits to Isaac. He could never deserve her, anyway. An anonymous Christmas card exchange is enough romance for him, right?
Besides, Joy doesn’t believe any man would want her for long in real life, no matter his age. Her counselor tries to challenge her thinking—but what will she do when he captures her heart?

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