Meet Emily Dana Botrous

I’m an extreme introvert who perpetually feels socially awkward, yet I’m a choleric who has no problem letting people know what I think. It’s an odd combo. Totally throws people for a loop. I kinda like it. I’m crazy about my kids. Like, I’d be fine playing with them all day and shirking all responsibility if I could get away with it. My husband is Egyptian; how cool is that? Yes, I’ve been to Egypt, and no, I didn’t go inside a pyramid–yet. But I did ride a camel! I’m a sarcastic cynic and sometimes wonder if I should put more attention to my attitude. But I’m also total mush and can’t make it through pretty much any movie without shedding tears, and I almost always cry when I pray, which is embarrassing and therefore I avoid public prayer. My favorite Bible story, hands-down, is Joseph. Love it. God is very real to me–He gave me a hug when I was 16 and asked Him to, and I’ve never doubted His existence again. I began my first book in creative writing class in college in 2008…and finally self-published it in January 2019. Dreams take time, but they do come true.

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